Website Launch Bootcamp

If you're ready to launch your website yesterday and want to be able to write your own copy and make all of your own design edits (right now and going forward), we made this for YOU.

Ever find yourself scrolling to the bottom to get the details you really need? Like…

Need 2 Knows

What: A website designer and branding expert + an ethical copywriter showing you step-by-step how to build a Squarespace website in 3 weeks.

When: This Bootcamp Beta kicks off February 14th through March 4th.

How: Pre-recorded videos, a private Facebook group for questions, and Weekly Friday LIVE Office Hours with Kara and Lauren.

How Much: $350 Beta Price

Why it’s awesome: NOBODY has brought together Branding + Design + Ethical Copywriting before! (We checked.) Your website is going to sell without being salesy, and your clients will love you for it!

Why it’s a BETA: This is the first time we’ve run this program, and we’ll be co-creating the finishing touches with you to make it even better. Your feedback matters!

I know, this sounds amazing and you might be thinking TAKE MY MONEY, but....

We want make sure you love this first.

Calling all Die-Hard DIYers!...

Welcome to the Website Launch Bootcamp (Beta)

In 3 weeks, you’ll have a website to be proud of.

With branding and design that feels like you.

And ethical copy your clients will love.


Or, maybe you’ve got a website already, but it’s not quite you. You want to stand out from the crowd and attract the kind of clients who make you feel lucky to wake up on Monday morning and get to your desk.


You need a website that actually, you know, works…

💥 To get right-fit clients to book a call with you

💥 To get right-fit prospects to engage with you (sign up for your newsletter, follow you on social)

💥To start forming relationships that pay you well and fill you UP

💥 To spare you from ever having to do a “sales call” (you’ll never have to use a pressure tactic - that’s part of ethical marketing!)

We hear you: You’d like all of this NOW. Yesterday. Last year. Can we get GOING ALREADY?!

Yes, yes we can.

That’s what this 3-week Website Launch Bootcamp Beta is for. Consider this your crash course in brand strategy, ethical copywriting and squarespace design for your biz.


Squarespace website designer + branding expert

kara ferreira

walking you through how to:

✨Choose colors and fonts that express YOU. You are your brand, and your brand should reflect that!

✨Plug them into a Squarespace template and make modifications to create pages that actually fit the copy you’ve written, and look like expensive custom design work.

✨Use Canva to create a brand board (this crash course in Canva is also handy for all of your marketing needs!).

ethical copywriter for service-based entrepreneurs


teaching you how to:

✨Clearly communicate the value you offer so your ideal clients go “Hot damn, I want THAT!”

✨Write copy that is ethical — not manipulative, smarmy or salesy — and sounds like YOU. None of your pages will sound like a drug company commercial or used car ad. Guaranteed.

✨Approach all of your marketing with ethics in mind. This means we empower the consumer to make their own choices, which builds trust, genuine relationships, and sustainable businesses rich in referrals. It works.

We’ll also let you in on our experiences of niching, and what we wish we’d known in the early stages of our own businesses. Plus the mistakes we've seen our clients make.

Guaranteed to shorten your learning curve BIG-TIME.


Each video is 20-45 min long

(you can watch them on your lunch break)



This is the groundwork for both your copy and your design. We'll walk you through niching, crating your brand identity and strategies for inspiring confidence in your prospective clients.


• Personal Identity vs. Brand Identity

• Creating Your Brand Tone + Visuals

• Intro to Canva for Logo Design



This is really the soul of your website. Lauren will walk you through every word of ethical, heart-centered copy that you'll need on your pages to convey your mission and the benefits your right-fit clients will get from working with you.


• Intro to Website Copy

• Writing Your About Page

• Writing Your Services Page

• Writing Your Homepage



This is where you bring it all to life. Kara will teach you how to take Squarespace templates and completely customize them for a professional-quality website that you can edit yourself.


• Intro to Squarespace Design

• Squarespace Design Basics

• Creating Your Homepage

• Creating Your About Page

• Creating Your Services Page



(Lauren sells these individually for $100 each. It’s a $400 value all together.)

The Truer Home Page Workbook

The Truer About Page Workbook

The Truer Services Page Workbook

Included if you join before Jan 31st!: The Truer Sales Page Workbook (this doesn’t include a video, but we wanted to give this to you so you have it when you’re ready!)


Squarespace set-up guide so that you don't have to second-guess if you're doing it right.

CSS cheat sheet for code customizations so your website looks like an expensive custom design, even though it’s an easy-to-use template. (See how custom fonts are added by CSS in the super short video).

Since we're beta - please enjoy these individual testimonials for Kara & Lauren (And YOU'D BE Getting the 2 for 1 deal 👯‍♀️)

I HIGHLY recommend working with Kara if you are in need of setting up a quality website but have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how to make your vision come to life!

Hope griffin

Body Image Coach

Ever since I changed my copy on the website I'm getting far more responses from clients who've converted & potential client. Thanks so much!


CPA + Certified Life Coach

What needs to be true for you to love this:

⚡️ You’re a die-hard DIYer and comfortable working with technology as long as you have a video walkthrough (if you get stuck, we do have live office hours).

⚡️ You’re not expecting a perfect course in the Beta round.

⚡️You have a good idea of who you serve, what they need, what they think they need, what their pain points are, and what you can do for them. You’re ready to put your niche down on paper and put out a meaningful offer in a way that speaks to your ideal client.

Now that we got that out of the way...


3 LIVE Office Hour Calls

Calls with Kara + Lauren take place on Fridays in the Private Facebook group and will be recorded. Dates are Friday Feb 18th, 25th and March 4th at 12pm Pacific Time/3pm Eastern.

We encourage you to submit your questions ahead of time and will take as many as we can!

Q&A Access on FB

We’ll check in the private Facebook Group and answer your questions twice a week. Yes, you can even post drafts of your copy for quick reviews (not total overhauls).

We’ll even show you how to use Loom so you can record a VIDEO for us, and we can help you troubleshoot Squarespace, Canva and Copy.


This is the Bootstrapping Business Owner's Dream.

If you love to DIY (learning is fun!), or you can’t afford to do otherwise, our framework will guide you through each step without over-complicating anything. We keep it simple.

Not sure if this is what you need right now?

Let's check:

☑️ You Don’t Have A Website. Or you have a wordpress website that drives you batty and want to switch to Squarespace (been there!).

☑️You don’t have branding or colors exactly worked out.

☑️You don’t really know how to use Canva, and it’s been on your list to learn.

☑️You don’t have a website you’re happy with (and you don’t need anything fancy).

☑️You’ve shopped around for done-for-you copy, branding and design and realized that’s a $10K package (ouch).

12 Video Tutorials

Q&A Group

4 Ethical Copy Workbooks

3 Live Calls with Kara + Lauren

Squarespace CSS Guide

Squarespace Set Up Guide

Beta Price = $350

Tech we'll be using:



✔️Google Docs

✔️Facebook (for the private group and Friday Office Hours)

✔️FunnelGorgeous - a video portal where you’ll access course content

✔️Loom (for troubleshooting videos!)

*We do not offer tech support for Google Docs or Facebook. Please be comfortable using those, and we’ll teach you the rest.





12 Video Tutorials

Q&A Group

4 Ethical Copy Workbooks

3 Live Calls with Kara + Lauren

Squarespace CSS Guide

Squarespace Set Up Guide

Beta Price = $350


Get the TRUER Sales Page Workbook

You'll be learning the method of crafting meaningful copy for all of your website pages. As a fast-action bonus to reward those who jump in early, we'll give you Lauren's Sales Page Workbook so you can craft all your sales copy for current and future offers if you sign up before Jan. 31st!

QUESTIONS? We've got answers.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What’s the difference between the Beta and the (future) Polished course?

The biggest difference is the price. The Beta is $350. The next time we offer this, the price is going to jump to $700. It’ll be polished and the videos will be smoother, but the content will be largely the same.

A word about the videos: These videos were originally created for a platform called UCamp, which seems to have gone belly-up? We don’t know, honestly. They ghosted us. So we’re taking our show on the road. But, that means the videos we created mention UCamp. Just ignore that.

We loved what we created so much we didn’t want to chuck it in the bin. Teaching design, branding AND ethical copy is a combo we haven’t seen anywhere else! We wanted to bring it to YOU so you can help us make it even better. That’s what this Beta is for.

How much of this course is live vs. pre-recorded?

Most of this bootcamp is pre-recorded. Each daily lesson (20-45 minutes in length) features pre-recorded content. Each Friday the instructors will be available for a 1-hour long Q&A session with the group. Comments on the pre-recorded content will be reviewed and responded to by the instructors regularly during the three-week bootcamp session. We’ll also be in the Facebook group with you twice a week to answer written questions (or Loom video questions) there.

Is this mini bootcamp best-suited to service-based or product-based businesses?

This course is for all heart-centered service-based business owners. Product-based businesses that are mission-focused and rely heavily on the founder or origin story will also benefit. This class is not suitable for most brick-and-mortar businesses.

What is the timeline and time commitment?

This is a three-week blitz! You’ll do brand strategy in week one, website copy in week two, and website design in week three. Each week you will have a daily lesson Monday-Thursday, that is 20-45 minutes in length, and you should plan to set aside an additional hour each day for completing each classes’ designated tasks (ie. finish writing your About page copy).

Fridays are a live Q&A session with the instructors, and you’ll have the weekends to finish any tasks that you don’t finish during the week.

Lauren says copy may take you longer than an hour… okay, it will definitely take you longer than an hour! Her advice: Get the ideas down in a ‘shitty first draft’ and come to office hours.

Oh, what’s that? You’d love to join us for Bootcamp but can’t possibly write the copy in time to take advantage of the Office Hours or Live calls? Lauren also hosts Wednesday Craft n’ Copy Hours at 4pm Pacific that will continue after the course. You can still ask her questions then. RSVP here.

What if I don’t want to design a Squarespace website?

After working with Wix, WordPress and Squarespace, Kara believes Squarespace is the best place for most entrepreneurs to start. With the right guidance and some easy CSS code tweaks, you can have a polished and professional website in no time.

Another version of the course featuring WordPress will be offered in the future. Lauren will heckle this mercilessly, since she spent years swearing at her WordPress website before switching to Squarespace.

I hate selling! I don’t know if I can write my own copy.

No problem! So do we. Lauren’s approach to copy is ethical, value-centric, overflowing with empathy, and does not employ any icky, manipulative sales tactics. You can find out more about her approach to copy on her website:

I’m not good at design - will I really be able to design my own website?

Says who?! Good design is all about communication. Kara and Lauren will work with you to get clear on your brand positioning so that you can select the right colors, fonts and photos that express your unique brand and the value your clients get from working with you. Then, Kara will show you simple, clear website layout techniques to present information in a way that engages your potential customers, without overwhelming them.

I’m not tech savvy - will I really be able to create my own website?

That’s why we’re working with Squarespace. Squarespace makes everything very easy and the few coding things that will bring your website to the next level, you will literally be able to copy and paste with Kara’s help.

Lauren also provides her services as the resident “technophobe” — if she can do it, so can you!

I’m starting my business from square one and I really don’t know where to start. Can you help me?

If you have a pretty good idea of what you do, who you help, what you help them do - then yes. You’re at the perfect stage for this Bootcamp. We cover how to define your niche in the first two sessions to help you get crystal clear on who you serve and how to position yourself in the market.

But if you’re still deciding those key points, or not sure of your business model or services, Kara and Lauren recommend investing in a good business foundations program, like Uncage Your Business (We don’t get paid to say this. Lauren did UYB herself and loved it, and Kara has listened to every podcast interview Rebecca Tracey has given - she’s got solid business advice).

I’m working or planning to work with a website designer. Will this bootcamp still benefit me?

That’s great! Even if someone will actually be doing the website for you, you’ll cover all the groundwork in this bootcamp to outline your brand guidelines for them, and create your own ethical copy. You definitely need to have your copy READY before working with a designer!

Also, if you will be working with a Squarespace designer, you’ll be able to edit your website as needed in the future and create new pages with what we teach you here.

I’m working with or am planning to work with a copywriter. Will this bootcamp still benefit me?

Yes. If you’re working with a copywriter already, that’s awesome. You’ll benefit so much from that process. But, when your services change (or you add a new one), if you adjust your niche, or if you pivot in your business… you’re going to need new copy. Wouldn’t it be great not to have to wait a month and pay a grand or more? Knowing how to DIY your own, sounds-like-you ethical copy pays dividends over time.

I’m working with a branding specialist or already have my branding done. Will this bootcamp still benefit me?

Some brand specialists will work with you to uncover all of the unique assets of your business, but others just create a color palette and visual style guide for your brand. This bootcamp will help you work with a brand specialist to create a unique and resonant brand position that won’t just be pretty, it will attract more perfect-fit clients.

We’ll also work with you to get clear on your brand personality and key differentiators, which is crucial for creating unique design and copy. Plus, it’s super fun. So, it’s your call!

We'll straight-up tell you who this is not for:

This may not be your jam if…

You do have a website you love and just need copy. We cover both, in tandem, in this course — which is kinda the point. But, if you just need to focus on the copy, check out Lauren’s Truer Copy Mastermind in September 2022, or her done-for-you services.

You have copy already, don’t really want to learn ethical copy, and just need gorgeous design (get on Kara’s call schedule pronto for a done-for-you website!). She also offers some mini design courses on her website:

You can’t stand Facebook and don’t have an account. We totally understand, and we are so sorry, but Facebook is the easiest way for us to answer questions and do our Live Office Hours. We don’t currently have a non-Facebook option.

Still have questions?

Contact us here and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Brand Strategy. Ethical Website Copy. Squarespace Design.

All in one nifty package.

So you don't have to hire us or anyone else to bring your business to life.

For just $350.

Need we say more?


12 Video Tutorials

Q&A Group

4 Ethical Copy Workbooks

3 Live Calls with Kara + Lauren

Squarespace CSS Guide

Squarespace Set Up Guide

Beta Price = $350

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