Rabbit Turtle Template

I know... it's a silly name for a template, but it's in the Squarespace URL that came with the website, and I'm so tired of templates with the names of women and flowers!

Rabbit Turtle is a contemporary template featuring a combination of mid-century charm and 1970's wild child.

16 pages total (View Demo)

2 about page versions

3 different service/sales page versions

blog templates with and without sidebar

fully customized with CSS code

online course area access with Squarespace tutorials

20% off your first year of Squarespace

website launch checklist

20% off copy workbooks (View Here)

editable Canva graphic files - browser icon, texture details, freebie graphic, blog sidebar elements

logo template (View Here)

bonus sections (View Here)

Instagram links page (View Here)

freebie page (View Here)

additional color palette 1 (View Here)

additional color palette 2 (View Here)

1-hour of my personal attention

This site was built based on the copy workbooks of ethical copywriter for coaches Lauren Van Mullem, using my clean and conversion-friendly design method.


How It Works


Once you purchase the template, you will be granted immediate access to the accompanying online resource area with step by step instructions for customizing and launching your template. The link to access the template itself will come in a separate email within 24 hours (and usually within the first 2). When you click on this link, you will have access to the fully installed template on a temporary domain.


• online resource center

• one-click access to fully installed template


In your online resource area, you will find everything you need to customize the graphic assets (including the logo), and page-by-page tutorials for customizing the template. Because of Squarespace's easy editing features, you'll be able to make the template completely your own.


• editable Canva links for all graphics

• page-by-page video tutorials


The online resource area contains a section with everything you need to know you're ready for launch -- including tutorials on basic SEO and information for connecting your own domain. You will also have the ability to schedule a 1-hour zoom with me to make any final polishes to your site.


• SEO basics guide

• pre-launch checklist

• 1-hour zoom with me for polishing touches

Here's a sneak peek...

why Squarespace is the best option for DIYing with a template

a look at your online resource area that comes with the template

rabbit turtle comes with 5 page hero options! split image, full-width & more

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own colors and fonts?

Absolutely! I provide you with two additional color palettes in addition to the one that is already a part of the template just in case you'd like some easy options -- but the colors and fonts are entirely customizable. You will find videos in the template resource center showing you how to customize the colors and fonts.

What if I need more pages?

You can add as many pages as you need in addition to the pages that are already built out for you. Squarespace also makes it easy for you to copy entire pages or sections of pages so that you can re-use the designs that you love.

Do I need to purchase anything on top of the template?

You will need to purchase a hosting Squarespace plan. You can view pricing here. I recommend the business plan and the good news is that when you purchase one of my templates, you get 20% off the first year of Squarespace. You'll also need a domain name, but you get one free with the annual Squarespace subscription.

For editing the Canva graphics that come with this template, you may wish to purchase a Canva pro subscription ($14.99/month). You can can cancel it at any time.

Can I use a domain that I already own?

Yes! Squarespace provides instructions for connecting domains and I also have a quick tutorial showing you where these settings are in the online resource center. You can also always contact me if you get stuck!

This isn't a question... but I'm going to tell you why Squarespace is the BEST platform for templates:

1) It's super user friendly.

2) It has a very intuitive drag and drop builder.

3) It allows you to very easily duplicate and re-order sections on pages

4) You can easily save a section so that you can use it on multiple pages.

5) Installing a template is as easy as clicking a link!

What pages are included?


About (Short Version)

About (Long Version)

Services Overview

Services Page - Format 1

Services Page - Format 2

Services Page - Format 3

Blog Page

Blog Post Template with Sidebar

Blog Post Template without Sidebar

Contact Page with Form

Contact Page without Form

Social Links Page

Freebie Page (for promotion)

Free Consult Booking Page

Privacy Policy

Terms & Conditions

Site Credit

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