Grab the exact template that I use for my prospective client info packet. It's AMAZING to send to prospective clients on Upwork.

8 pages formatted to introduce yourself, share your portfolio or highlight specific projects, outline your basic work process and share next steps for working together. All entirely customizable with a free Canva account!

why do you need This Info Template?

One of the most important things you need to be able to do to win clients on Upwork is to STAND OUT. I've been on the hiring side of Upwork, and an info packet like this is not something that many people are doing (I've never had one sent to me anyway).

An info packet looks better than your Upwork profile will (my template definitely does!). It gives you the opportunity to put a lot of information in front of your prospective client AND to tailor it exactly to their project specifications, while looking extremely professional.

And when you use a template that you adapt for each project, you look super sophisticated and like you've taken the time to package something just for them - when all you've really had to do is tweak a few sentences here and there. Don't need to send an info packet? You can tweak it to use when you send your proposal.

Occasionally, Upwork will also flag conversations in which you share your website with a prospective client. Assuming you want to share the website you've put a lot of time into creating for yourself, attaching an info packet will allow you to put all of that information in front of your prospective client without alarming Upwork 😏